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by Danny de la Cruz

Do we really need another food magazine? I’ll be the first to admit that there are so many already out there! Actually, to be totally candid, there are so many recipes (many uninspiring and nothing new) and food videos/food photos floating around the internet and social media. We’re surrounded by food in this digital age, but despite the plethora of digital food, there’s something missing.

It’s time for real food and real recipes from a unique perspective and from someone who knows how to cook and genuinely wants you to learn how to eat better. 

That’s quite a mouthful but I actually met a person who embodies all of this several years ago and I’ve been waiting just for the right time to work with them to bring their food philosophy to a bigger audience. Meet Chef Karista Bennett of Karista’s Kitchen.

Not only is she a trained chef who’s done it all, but more importantly, she’s a mother. She understands the importance of feeding and nourishing the family. She understands the everyday challenge of meal planning, busy schedules and just life in general. And for her family, it’s about real food, eating from the earth and making sure it simply tastes good. But it goes beyond feeding her family. She genuinely wants to share her knowledge with others who want to make better food in their kitchen. She fills her recipes with teaching moments — something you don’t often find.

Her food style and cooking philosophy carry through into each recipe that she creates. She makes recipes that are approachable, uncomplicated — recipes that teach one how to navigate the kitchen coupled with tips to ensure success. She believes in locally-sourced, seasonal foods and farm-to-table cooking. It’s a way of life — not a food trend that will come and go.


Meet Chef Karista Bennett. These are just a few of the tempting recipes you’ll find in the premiere issue of A View to Delicious.

This is why I’m so thrilled to have been able to partner with her and create A View to Delicious Magazine. My goal was to capture her genuine spirit, her mouthwatering recipes and to show you the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest — her “backyard” and her inspiration. We’ve also packed the premiere issue with healthier lifestyle tips, stories of unique individuals and places in the region and more insight into Chef Karista’s background and even her kitchen favorites.

I hope that you get a copy of the premiere issue. Creating it over this past year has been a labor of love and something we want to share with each of you. We’re extremely proud of what we were able to create in this first issue and hope to be able to share more in the coming year.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Here’s to real food and inspired eating!


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    I like your magazine. The photography is great and the food choice is interesting. I am an advertising agency and have a client who might be interested in advertising. Can you send me information and rate card etc.

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