Francesco Bilotto -- VRAI Magazine

Francesco Bilotto -- VRAI Magazine

by Francesco Bilotto

The holidays were all about decorating the public spaces in your home. With a new year upon us, turn your attention to an often overlooked and more intimate space — the bedroom. Here are a few ideas designed to refresh and relax!

Refresh Your Walls

I love a freshly painted, calm wall in any room, but especially the bedroom. My favorite go-to’s are Slipper Satin and a more cozy tone- London Clay made by Farrow and Ball. Founded in 1946, Farrow & Ball offers a range of 132 eco-friendly paint colors. They are launching a spring line of wallpapers in February as well, inspired by French fashion, oui oui merci!

Slipper Satin by Farrow and Ball -- VRAI Magazine

Slipper Satin – Source: Farrow and Ball

London Clay by Farrow and Ball -- VRAI Magazine

London Clay – Source: Farrow and Ball

Add a Thick & Fluffy Area Rug

Ugg has an incredible selection of rugs to make any floor more luxurious. Layer over your existing carpet or just add a smaller one for your feet when they hit the ground first thing in the morning.

Ugg -- VRAI Magazine

Source: Ugg

Create the Perfect Bed

Start with a new mattress – you don’t even have to leave your home to get it.

Casper mattress is engineered and made in the USA and distributed in NY. Anyone can have a comfy mattress delivered in a box to your door for not a lot of money… YES in a BOX! 

The sleep surface of the Casper mattress is designed to conform to your body with minimal sinkage. It relieves pressure from the hip and shoulder areas, allowing the contours of your body to be properly supported. Early testers described the sensation as “cloud-like.”

I am a huge fan of this and have tested it.

Casper Mattress -- VRAI Magazine

Source: Casper

Now for New Fresh Sheets

Here is my 2015 pick: Boll and Branch

I must admit I have owned other brands that claim to be the most fabulous in all the land, however, this is pure luxury without breaking the bank.

Personally, I only use white sheets to give that hotel and resort feel and this brand deliveries not only the look but also the feel!

Boll and Branch -- VRAI Magazine

Source: Boll and Branch

Create the Perfect Night Stand

All you need are a few simple items. It’s the first thing you see in the morning. Let your eyes open and travel to a clean and inspiring surface.

Start by clearing everything off your night table and giving it a good clean.

Then just add the following:

  • A fresh item such as a small floral or plant, even a bowl of fruit.
  • An inspiration item such as a photo of a place you love or a person, celebrity, etc. Yes, I have Liza on mine! lol
  • Decorative box for clutter, jewelry, etc.
Francesco Bilotto -- VRAI Magazine

Source: Francesco Bilotto

And please remember, it’s never about what you actually have, it’s what you do with it! Everyone can live a fresh & calm new year by adapting this inspiration to a price point that suits him or her best.

May your bedrooms be fresh, your dreams be cozy and your days filled with luxury in 2015!


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