by Mabel Gago

One of the most exciting fashion shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM) is the one held by Andrés Sardá. For those not familiar with this luxury maison, let’s sum up saying that Andrés Sardá is well known for producing exquisite lingerie and swimwear. And as the founder of the brand, he has been one of the most recognized visionaries in the Spanish fashion industry. Born and based in Barcelona, the brand still has its headquarters in the city of Gaudí.

This latest collection from Andrés Sardá achieved a historic milestone–the validation of his daughter, Nuria Sardá, as a unique and talented designer. Nuria grew up alongside her father and was immediately hypnotized by her dad’s passion and work. She has been so lucky in having such a maestro throughout her life. From Andrés, Nuria has brilliantly learned the respect and love towards the feminine silhouette–a true female appreciation, beyond any beauty trend. Andrés Sardá owns the innovative use of Lycra. And all their patterns are smartly composed on the purpose of providing the perfect fitting.

Pop It Up

At this MBFWM, Nuria appeared like a wild wave. Under the name of “Pop it Up”, the brand broke away from the delicate laces and silk and introduced us into a world of fitness and disco vibes, circa the 80s. And I say “like a wild wave” because Nuria Sardá shared her childhood memories–those moments in front of the TV, listening to her vinyls and playing with her first videogames. Devouring video clips in a world where her influencers were probably Joan Collins, Jane Fonda, Grace Jones, to name a few–memories, which were easily identified during the show.

As a fashion journalist, it’s a beautiful opportunity to be a witness at these moments–when a designer fully opens the doors of her talent and spreads it to the world. And, Nuria Sardá has done it in such a colorful and euphoric way. Patent leather and PVC floated around the show in vibrant, powerful colors which reminded us of a scene from Pac Man and Tetris. The final result of this stylistic euphoria doesn’t deceive.

With “Pop it Up”, Nuria doesn’t forget the DNA of the brand. Her care towards the female silhouette remains. This collection shows a powerful, sexy woman, full of energy and happiness. The designs focus the eye onto the shoulders and waist. And all this 80’s glam has been reinforced by a great collaboration with Jeffrey Campbell and Rabat Jewels.

By the way, if you cannot wait to enjoy this collection, we have good news for you! It is now available online. “See now, buy now”.

Photos provided by Andres Sarda.

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