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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]pending the Summer, or for that matter, even a weekend, in the Hamptons can set you back thousands. In the world of million dollar celebrity homes and hundred dollar meals there’s little room for budget. Little, but some. As it turns out, there are places you can stay and fun you can have, without breaking your pocket book.

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Getting There

Let’s start with getting to and from the Hamptons.The Hampton Jitney will take you from Midtown New York City to Montauk for $53 dollars round trip or hop on the Long Island Railroad from Penn Station to Amagansett for $44 dollars during peak-hours, round trip.

Hampton Jitney

Hampton Jitney. Photo Source: Wikepedia

Where to Stay

Once there, we’ll need a place to stay. I’ve found that there are lovely hotel rooms to make the stay peaceful and comfortable, even on a budget. The Budget Host East End, which is $104 per night, and located in Riverhead, Long Island, New York is about 30 minutes outside of the Hamptons – this road is playfully referred to as “The gate way to The Hamptons”. It is a bit out of the way but the drive sure is beautiful, as your view will be the vineyards of Long Island Wine Country. Another option is the Easterner Motel in South Hampton which is $199 a night. This hotel is modest and cute and also about 15 minutes from Splish Splash Water Park and National Golf Club.

Photo Source: Budget Host East End

Photo Source: Budget Host East End

Easterner Motel, Hamptons -- VRAI Magazine

Easterner Motel. Photo Source:

Time to Eat

Now that we’ve gotten there and settled in, let’s move on to dining. There are many restaurants with an affordable menu that still give you the “Hamptons dining feel”. South Edison in Montauk, New York provides excellent meals with a casual atmosphere. Then, there’s Candy Kitchen, located in Bridge Hampton, New York. This kitchenette is great for breakfast, ice cream and other sweet treats. And then there’s Silver’s Restaurant. Silver’s is a classic — it’s been around since 1923 serving nothing but lunch in South Hampton. And if you aren’t feeling up for dining and want a quick bite or an even more casual setting, there are relatively inexpensive delis, pizzarias and bagel shops all over.

South Edison, Montauck -- VRAI Magazine

South Edison. Photo Source: South Edison Restaurant Montauk

The Hamptons’ beaches are fun, not too crowded and are less expensive on weekdays. However, many beaches require permits or are the private property of home owners. Parking can be costly and it is better to walk, bike or take a cabbie. Cooper neck and Old Town beaches are the most popular public beaches in the area, both of these are located in South Hampton.

I have to end this article with where to Wine taste – I just have to! The Hamptons have some of the finest vineyards and wineries around. These vineyards in particular have inexpensive tours and wine tasting: Jamesport, Martha Clara and Paumanok were my favorite.

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

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    I had not thought of taking public transportation. It seems like a much better idea since I don’t know my way around either. I’m sure the drivers of cabs and buses would also know good and cheap places to visit as well. Thank you for the information on staying in the Hamptons on a budget.

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