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Fall is here and with that, the holidays are not too far behind. Growing up in the Mid-west, it became a ritual right after the school season started to “get the home ready” for lots of entertaining.

Autumn was a time of year Mother and I would pull out “our inner DIY” and tackle interior design projects. Walls sometimes had a new wallpaper or rich paint color introduced to it. Extra fancy pillows were displayed on the sofa, and of course furniture was re-arranged in a cozy way, while art work was moved around to coincide.

For me “Home” was and still is more than a just a place, it is a feeling.

With any space you always want it to welcome you, celebrate you and comfort you. Autumn is a great time of year to take more pride in your living spaces. We will certainly be spending more time indoors as temperatures drop in parts of the country… and for those lucky folks who have summer-like conditions year round, even you can get in on the fun of switching up your décor this season.

With so many affordable, innovative and EASY design products on the market these days (most of which you can order by a click of your thumb on your mobile device), I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

From FABULOUS temporary wall coverings, to family and pet friendly machine washable rugs, curated gallery walls… and stunning artisan pillows from Vermont, I have been “fixated” on these brands ever since being introduced to them.

LUXE up those walls with TEMPAPER

What I love about this product is that you can literally change the look of a room seasonally. For example, this tribute to vintage flocked wallpaper, a textured damask with a soft velvet feel and pearlized metallic inks would be perfect for any living room or foyer.

Tempaper -- VRAI Magazine

Photo Source: tempaperdesigns.com

Tempaper removable wallpaper is self-adhesive allowing it to be applied and removed easier than traditional wallpaper. It is the perfect solution for high-impact decorating without a long-term commitment. State of the art materials, water-based adhesive and ink provide a design solution that is environmentally safe and friendly. Tempaper is 100% manufactured within the USA, is lead-free, phthalate-free, and VOC-free.

COZY up those floors with RUGGABLE

Not just your normal rug, this stylish “game changer” is machine washable. This fretwork combines contemporary bold lines with traditional colors giving it broad appeal. The design is versatile enough to combine with other patterns for a layered look this fall, but is bold enough to be the central focus surrounded by solid basics.

Photo Source: ruggable.com

Photo Source: ruggable.com

Ruggable 2-Piece Rug System by Jeneva Bell is available in many sizes, colors and styles.
Made of 100% Polyester and Polyester Chenille they are naturally stain resistant and once again, designed to be washed in your home washing machine. AMAZING!

ADD ART with a heart in your space with MINTED

I love a collection of “art and story” gathered in a home., especially this time of year. Add a few extra pieces of art to your walls and create a gallery wall. Minted has marvelous works on display to choose from.

Minted -- VRAI Magazine

Photo Source: minted.com

Minted supports the personal development, creativity, and careers of the best independent artists in the world. Winning designs are created and shipped by Minted and artists receive a portion of every sale.

PLUSH it up with pillows from ARCADIA PARK DESIGNS

Nothing makes a room feel more inviting yet sophisticated than a few elegant and thoughtfully designed pillows.

Arcadia Park Designs -- VRAI Magazine

Photo Source: arcadiaparkdesigns.com

Each Arcadia Park Designs’ pillow is individually produced in Vermont. The images are the work of artist Katherine Henry and are printed using the same methods employed to create limited edition digital fine art prints.

I hope to have inspired you this season and that you “fall in love” with your home all over again.


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