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[dropcap] I[/dropcap]’m on holiday overload over here and was *planning* to share some felt fun with you… (If you follow me on Instagram then you saw the tease.) But, in a fit of decorative madness, I changed my mind and wanted to share this DIY Dollar Store MAGIC. Serious bippity-boppity-boop stuff. Materials needed? 1 bowl and 1 pack of colored nylon clothes line. Cost= roughly $3. THREE DOLLARS!

Holiday Wrapped Bowl materials - VRAI Magazine

My stash of Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint is obscene. I’ve never met something that wouldn’t look better with a coat of metallic gold. And this little plastic dollar store bowl is no exception. But only the inside. I had bigger plans for the outside. The outside was going to get a wrap treatment. This green clothes line is PERFECT for the holidays.

1. I inverted the bowl and started by anchoring it along the bottom with a bead of hot glue.

2. Then I slowly went around, a few inches at a time, and continued to hot glue the rest of the cord until I reached the rim of the bowl.

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I LOVE the chic shiny metallic gold of the inside juxtaposed with the texture of the outside. For the holidays, this is the perfect way to display ornaments or presents or even to fill with a strand of holiday lights. Because of the spray paint, it’s definitely not food safe, but a napkin inside would make it suitable for dinner rolls at the Christmas table!

Holiday Wrapped Bowl - VRAI Magazine

Our dollar store had this cord in blue, yellow, and white… so no reason you couldn’t replicate this $3 bowl for other holidays and other seasons! Metallic silver with yellow could be lovely for spring or Easter! OR… grab some smaller bowls and use this to organize desk supplies like paperclips or thumbtacks… like any good DIY project, the possibilities are- say it with me- endless!

Holiday Wrapped Bowl - VRAI Magazine

Holiday Wrapped Bowl - VRAI Magazine

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  1. A very clever idea, Charlotte! And the green paired with the gold is so perfect for the holidays!

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