Paris Fashion Week: Akris FW17 Collection

Akris FW17 Collection PFW The Akris FW17 collection is inspired from the work of Canadian artist Rodney Graham. Based on an installation featuring the simplicity of a coat and a bag, this latest collection unveiled at Paris Fashion Week is all about beautiful overcoats and bags painted in predominantly dark [...]

Paris Fashion Week: Junko Shimada FW17 Collection

Junko Shimada FW17 Collection PFW The Junko Shimada FW17 collection from Paris Fashion Week is a study in contrast. With varying materials of textures and sheens, to a blending of styles, it's a playful range of looks for the woman on-the-go. Aside from the predominantly black/gold combos as well as the [...]

Paris Fashion Week: Maison Margiela AW17 Collection

Maison Margiela AW17 Collection PFW For this RTW season, the Maison Margiela AW17 collection was filled in part with bold, tribal-inspired looks, some capped off with headdress references. The collection also consisted of more subtle looks in part due to the muted, beige/nude color tones. But throughout the collection, there was [...]

Paris Fashion Week: Paule Ka FW17 Collection

Paule Ka FW17 Collection Refined elegance exuded from the Paule Ka FW17 Collection at Paris Fashion Week. This was a collection ranging from cocktail dresses to oversized textured coats that also delighted with a selection of white pieces, even a jumpsuit, perfect for a winter wedding celebration. We also loved [...]

Paris Fashion Week: Valentin Yudashkin AW17 Collection

Valentin Yudashkin AW17 Collection For AW17 at Paris Fashion Week, designer Valentin Yudashkin unveiled a dark and moody collection of predominantly black tones with pops of shimmering pewters and golds. Models paraded down the runway in looks that were menswear-inspired utilizing classic pin-stripes with boxier cuts, to textured ruffles with [...]

Paris Fashion Week: Giambattista Valli AW17 Collection

Sexy, Sporty and so Sophisticated For this season's Paris Fashion Week AW17 RTW collection, designer Giambattista Valli unleashed a textured collection of black, white and red that oozed a combination of sexiness, sportiness and sheer sophistication. With bright red berry accents, ruffled necklines, sleeves and skirts, to ribboned and corseted [...]

Paris Fashion Week: John Galliano FW17 Collection

Make a Grand Entrance with Attitude and Style Inspired by the eccentricity and elegance of Marchesa Luisa Casati (1881-1957), the John Galliano Fall/Winter 17 collection is rich, sumptuous and full of attitude. With a color palette ranging from lilac, sage, blue and rust— to black and rich chocolate, the mostly [...]