by Mia Torres

Valentine’s day has always been called a “couple’s day” — a day or night to spend with that special someone you share your life with, but what if he or she hasn’t found us yet? You know what? That’s OK! Because we’re going to grab our girlfriends and make Valentine’s Day a GIRLS’ NIGHT! That’s right! Let’s have some fun!

Traveling to Las Vegas is always a good idea. Traveling to Vegas with friends, is an even better one! Vegas has many things to offer, from dining, shows, night life and shopping. Plus, everything is open 24/7. But, how about the more “sexier side of Vegas”? Let me tell you about that, starting off with the all male review shows. There are more than a few of these shows to choose from, starting with…

Men of Sapphire

The show goes on Thursday through Saturday night, inside of Sapphire Gentleman’s Club. The show begins with a theatrical entrance, the men dance around the stage and you’ll see a series of adult-themed fantasies such as a marine, cowboy, fireman and construction worker brought to life in dance routines on stage. After the men pull out all the stops with their sexy dance moves, they’ll also come out into the crowd to mingle and take pics.

Photo courtesy of Men of Sapphire

Thunder From Down Under

The Aussie boys of Thunder From Down Under know how to “light that fire” with their chiseled bodies, cheeky-humor and boy-next-door charm. Not only do they perform nightly in Vegas at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino, but they also tour the U.S. as well as internationally. So don’t worry if you miss out on them while in Vegas — you can always catch up with them at some point.

Photo credit: SPI Entertainment/Thunder From Down Under

Your Vegas trip wouldn’t be complete without something unusual. I say “unusual” in a good way! Definitely fun, though!

Puppetry Of The Penis

This unique show was founded by Simon Morely and debuted in Melbourne, Australia. The Puppetry Of The Penis show gained so much popularity, that it quickly became a resident of Las Vegas. Prepare to see two very naked men arrange their penises into interesting shapes. This show is pure comedy and has SOME audience participation! Expect a good time as well as a lot of non-sexual penis jokes  — you and your girlfriends will have a blast. And as a bonus, the show is located inside of the Erotic Heritage Museum.

Photo courtesy of Bang Bang Productions

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