A Holiday Recipe Roundup with Sheri Silver

A Holiday Roundup with Sheri Silver

We’re kicking off the holidays with our Holiday Recipe Round Ups. We’re showcasing some incredibly talented individuals along with some of their favorite holiday recipes, just in time for all your holiday gatherings and feastings. Up first, we’re heading to New York with the talented Sheri Silver of sherisilver.com — she’s got some tempting treats that you have to check out!

VRAI Magazine: What was one of your favorite holiday traditions growing up?

Sheri Silver: I really loved the whole Hanukkah experience – lighting the candles each night, the anticipation of opening up a present over 8 (!!!) nights, eating latkes, getting chocolate money (“gelt”). It was always the most magical week of the year.

VRAI: Tell us about a holiday tradition that you celebrate today.

Sheri: We have a big latke party – more of an open house – for pretty much everyone we know. I fry up 3 huge batches over 3 days and we put them out with sugar, applesauce and sour cream. Sides are honey ham (trust me, it works) on little potato rolls, and a big batch of bourbon grapefruit punch. Exhausting, but I’ve never missed a year.

VRAI: Is there a holiday dish that family and friends always request from you?

Sheri: I make a flourless chocolate roulade every Passover that I’m basically not allowed to show up without in-hand. (Get the recipe below.)

VRAI: Tell us about a dish that someone else (family member or friend) makes for the holidays that you love.

Sheri: My mom (and both of my grandmothers before her) make matzoh meal pancakes every Passover. Fried up and topped (generously) with sugar, I’m always grateful that I only indulge in these once a year.

VRAI: Best advice you can give someone when it comes to holiday cooking/baking/entertaining.

Sheri: I give my baked goods as gifts – to everyone who gets a gift from me. And I’ve learned that it’s totally okay to repeat this same assortment each year. I’ve got it down to a science and make much of it in advance (and freeze), allowing me to get a head start and reduce stress once the season kicks in. And rather than be bored with the same selection, my recipients actually look forward to knowing just what’s in those boxes. So find a formula that works and hit repeat!

Sheri’s Holiday Favorites

Cranberry-Lime Cornmeal Cookies

Chocolate-Espresso Cookies

Vanilla Spice Cookies (can be vegan)

Fay’s Butter Cookies

Flourless Chocolate Roulade

7Up Pound Cakes

Pastry Bag Chocolate Granola

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