A Holiday Recipe Roundup with Ksenia Skvortsova

Special thanks to Ksenia Skvortsova

For our next Holiday Recipe Roundup, we’re heading to NYC and teaming up with culinary expert Ksenia Skvortsova of Saffron & Honey. When she’s not globe trotting, you’ll find her in her kitchen whipping up wonderful dishes with a touch of European flair. Check out some other holiday favorites below and rest assured that you’ll be serving dishes that family and friends will be sure to love!  

VRAI Magazine: What was one of your favorite holiday traditions growing up?

Ksenia Skvortsova: Growing up, one of my favorite traditions was baking and decorating dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies. We would plan out the recipes weeks in advance, then make colored icings and gather up the different shaped cookies and go crazy decorating them. My mum was probably the most artistic one in the family, while I just made mine as glittery as possible.

VRAI: Tell us about a holiday tradition that you celebrate today.

Ksenia: These days, one of my favorite traditions is this: after Christmas dinner, we gather around the tree and read Christmas (or other childhood favorite) stories out loud. I usually try to get my dad to do it because he gets into the voices etc., but we all take a turn.

VRAI: Is there a holiday dish that family and friends always request from you?

Ksenia: My French apple tart is definitely the most requested by my family!

VRAI: Tell us about a dish that someone else (family member or friend) makes for the holidays that you love.

Ksenia: Hand’s down, this is my dad’s mashed potatoes– they are the best! (get the recipe below)

VRAI: Best advice you can give someone when it comes to holiday cooking/baking/entertaining.

Ksenia: My best advice is to make lists: a shopping list; a prep list for the day(s) before a holiday or a party; prep and timing lists for the day you’re cooking so that you can make sure you have enough oven time for everything; even a set up or décor list that is detailed enough that you could pass it onto someone else to do if you’re busy on the day.

Ksenia’s Holiday Favorites

Apple Tart

Dad’s Mashed Potatoes

Pain d’épices

Cheese and Herb Puffs

Le Chocolate Chaud (with a twist)

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