During London Fashion Week last Fall, the team and I had a chance to meet the Irish Designers. One of the collections we saw was We Are Islanders. Now with Spring right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share more of the collection to get you in the spirit of the season.

The We Are Islanders SS16 Collection — The Journey to Hy-Brasil — is a “questioning of the accepted idea of form, gender and line”. It’s composed of a series of hand-painted silks, cotton twills, muslins and Irish linen, with salmon skin leather finishings. There is fluidity. There is movement. There is also an island casualness that permeates throughout all the pieces for a completely relaxed and lighthearted feel.

And true to its Irish roots, the entire collection uses 100% Irish linens and all We Are Islanders pieces are made in Ireland using locally produced and sustainable materials.

Photos by Andrew Nuding

SS16 Full Lookbook for IPad (dragged) 1

SS16 Full Lookbook for IPad (dragged) 6

SS16 Full Lookbook for IPad (dragged) 5

SS16 Full Lookbook for IPad (dragged) 4

SS16 Full Lookbook for IPad (dragged) 3

SS16 Full Lookbook for IPad (dragged) 2

SS16 Full Lookbook for IPad (dragged)


  1. Please forgive me for being in an obviously irreverent mood and rather late in the piece . . . . I have just had a wonderful laugh with you in NYC on 34th Street methinks. For some reason [perhaps because of fine weather with an over 30C temp here 🙂 !] I loved your writing but could not get all that upset about what being a fashionista brought discomfort-wise! Thought I would do much better with these Irish linen pieces – hmmm! Love the shapes and colours . . . . there is a deal of originality here . . . . but totally fail to understand a sulky model with ‘on purpose’ bad posture and not the slightest bit of a laugh in her eyes being the ambassadress for such unusual pieces . . . but thank you – personally I’ll go on smiling . . . Hope you well . . .

  2. Glad to hear you got a smile from both articles and in two, very different ways 🙂 We have no explanation for the look of the model but agree, the pieces are very fresh and unique — glad you love the style!

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