Fannie May Decadent Chocolate Strawberries from 1-800-BASKETS

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by Francesco Bilotto

Ok so it’s no secret, I love a good holiday, floral arrangement and a decadent bite (or several bites) of chocolate. With Valentine’s Day so close, I wanted to share a few tips and some of my favorite and classic gifts to help you be the cupid in your own love story.

But like every love story, there can be drama, so let’s try and avoid this on Valentine’s Day. This year, it falls on a Sunday, yup, so this is what I meant when titling this the year of the “MULTI-GIFT”. Let’s keep that in mind and also that real, live humans create and deliver some of our giftable products out there, so give them a little credit, keep in mind crazy weather conditions and for goodness sake, don’t wait until the last minute, plan ahead!

…I wanted to share a few tips and some of my favorite and classic gifts to help you be the cupid in your own love story.
Ok, the infamous “Delivery of Roses” to your significant other at work.

Here’s some advice I’d like to share with you for any occasion: if you are ordering flowers 24 hours before the date you want the person to receive them, chances are they will get them in time but they may look like tight floral buds rather than fully bloomed flowers. Which is fine, they just need time to bloom (like love sometimes). So don’t call and complain, or freak out because it does not match the photo on-line — just breathe, they will bloom. Most flowers take at least 2 days to open up in order to look more like that “google image” you may have seen.


My personal favorite – Red Roses in Marquis Waterford vase from

As I mentioned earlier, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, so if you’re looking to impress your loved one at work, you most likely need to have them delivered on Friday to do so. Make sure to be thoughtful and INFORMATIVE with your words in a card as to why they are arriving on a Friday.

Perhaps write: “Our Love Is Too BIG For Just One Day – Happy Valentine’s Weekend”

Q: You’ve given the “swoon-worthy” and “attention-getting” gift of flowers on a Friday, so what happens on Sunday?

A: Here is a great solution. You have now sent flowers to be delivered on Friday at work and are attempting to stretch the holiday out all weekend based on your thoughtful card explaining so (I mean if we can start the Christmas holiday season on October 1st, a simple 3-day Valentine’s Holiday seems like a piece of cake).

On Saturday perhaps have a sweet treat sent to them at home.

Fannie May Decadent Chocolate Strawberries from 1-800-BASKETS

Another personal favorite – Fannie May Decadent Chocolate Strawberries from

Keep the rest of your weekend cozy, watch a few romantic comedies to keep the mood going.

Then on Sunday maybe send an on-line gift card to a favorite clothing store, coffee place, or online music so they can download some romantic favorites that you two may share. Also, it’s a great day to give a little “bling” purchased prior and hidden behind socks in your drawer for days now (darn, just gave my secret spot away)!

To recap: the main point is to send those flowers early. If you are able, spread the love over the course of the weekend and just be thoughtful with your time and words.

Granted the above advice is for those who keep a traditional 9-5 schedule and of course are coupled off. If you find that your loved one works weekends, or if you’re single looking for love and feel like this doesn’t apply to you, perhaps you can help inspire others when helping them figure out what to do to impress their loved ones.

In any case – hopefully this has put you in the mood, helped navigate the holiday falling on a Sunday, placed your worries at ease, and given you some time to think ahead.

Wishing you all a romantic, thoughtful and memorable Valentine’s Day!


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