The Style of Confidence and Empowerment: Red Fern Lingerie

by Doris Hobbs

Lingerie creator, Tina Doueihi, had a desire to create a full collection of brassieres to cater to women who have gone through the life changing experience of a mastectomy. In 2008, she became a survivor of breast cancer and is now known within the lingerie industry for fashioning designs that portray confidence in all areas of body, self and soul. Here, she discusses her empowering story, style inspiration and continuous search for a cure.

Tina Doueihi’s stylish designs articulate modern empowerment. Her aesthetic is wielded through a serene and confident approach. Sexy and chic best describes the Sydney born-and-raised Founder & Creator of Red Fern Lingerie where she delivers a level of French opulence with great style, accentuating both her triumphs and the ultramodern character of her clientele. Through a number of cancer foundations ranging from National Breast Cancer Foundation, Breast Cancer Network of Australia, the Cancer Council Australia, as well as donating at the end of every fiscal year to a nominated charity, Tina is determined to find a cure and to provide public awareness of the ongoing battle.

Her design space resides in Sydney, Australia, a place where she skillfully plans and directs the creation of each piece along side a small collaborative team. From each fabric choice that consists of cotton lining and soft cup choices, to delicate French-inspired laces, she possesses a humble personality and certainly shies away from the thought of being called a designer. “Red Fern strives to create a beautiful and luxurious line of lingerie. We aim to help women who have experienced breast cancer reconnect with their femininity and to simply feel sexy and confident,” explains Tina.

All of Tina’s designs start with references from French European design elements with an underlying message that shares, you are still beautiful, you can still be sexy, and, here’s lingerie to prove it. When she launches a new collection, she begins with the inspiration of her clientele which contains a special individuality. She wants Red Fern Lingerie to allow women to reclaim their femininity and their sexiness, which most often survivors feel, the cancer has taken away those qualities.

Family Inspiration

Tina has always been attracted to European designer lingerie that showcased delicate French floral patterns, likely acquired from her mother’s love for lingerie and properness of obtaining a matching bra and panty set. Another great influence for Tina was certainly her father, a flourishing menswear tailor. “My father was a settler and trained tailor who took pride in creating designs that presented the epitome of grand workmanship and integrity,” said Tina. While both of her parents were immigrants of Redfern, which is an inner-city suburb of Sydney, she was always raised with the belief that you should never forget where you came from. Tina understands how your past makes up who you’ve become today, which includes where you grew up. “Having grown up in such a community that is a melting pot of many cultures has taught me to never forget where I came from, as I’ve gained a wealth of experience,” Tina explains.

Over the past three years, Tina’s designs have become ever more in demand — from several press features to a notable product placement within the Red Carpet Gift Bag of the 2016 Red Carpet Style Lounge in honor of the 2016 Academy Awards. Included in the event was a number of lavish and equally diverse luxury labels. When the Oscars called upon Tina’s designs, she remembered the feeling by commenting, “It was such an honor, an Aussie girl with a small company asked to be at the Oscars with the high end brands.” Tina continues by stating, “‘When they contacted me I asked myself if this is real?” This moment has led to a new level of brand awareness not only in Sydney Australia where Tina’s headquarter resides, but as well as in the states.

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