London Fashion Week SS16 — Sophia Webster

Mabel Gago -- VRAI Magazine

by Mabel Gago, Contributing Style Editor

Designer: Sophia Webster – “How Cinderella’s Tale would be Perfect”

Presentation Venue: The Hospital Club, Covent Garden in London

The Collection: Take a look at this…


I am sure some feelings and thoughts are consuming you. This explains how a dancer, who studied art, became the iconic worldwide brand in heels in just four years — Sophia Webster. As a “cool” hunter, I am always hungry for discovering new treasures. My soul understood Sophia from the beginning and I became a passionate follower of her work.

The shoe industry is divided into three main markets or trends: 1) the super glamorous, luxury and unaffordable diva’s heels 2) Those who just copy and paste luxury, but with low quality, and finally 3) some new entrepreneurs, with a high level of art in their DNA, who elevate  their designs to another level. This last group is the one Sophia Webster has enrolled in from the beginning. As a professional dancer, Sophia has an incredible awareness about the importance of our feet, the movement, the sensuality and comfort.
As an artist, her designs have no rules and limits. Sophia Webster lets her dreams dance freely in her studio. Colors, shapes and textures are brilliantly adapted in her designs.

This LFW, my expectation was burning. While standing in the queue to the exhibition, I was asked by a cameraman about my thoughts regarding Sophia Webster’s new collection. I said I truly believed that whatever she created would be incredible. My interviewer told me to take a look at a small billboard — a sea world universe full of colors with a lot of memories from our childhood and with the hashtags #CrazySexyNautiCool and #MermaidLaunderette. I inmediately thought “Does Sophia want us to be sexy sirens?”

I was not wrong. Once inside the show, I saw a group of glamorous sirens in amazing pin up swimsuits, brilliant accessories and heels. We were under the sea, swimming with pure glam and creativity. The sea bathed the designs throughout the room: leather waves showcasing super sexy heels, colors emulating corals and yes, I immediately felt the obsession, “I wanted it all!”

The Crazy Sexy NautiCool collection also had a wonderful range of clutches and bags to pair up with the sandals. If you’re the kind of siren who doesn’t wear heels, don’t worry, Sophia Webster also creates super sexy and cozy flat sandals.

One of the things I love about Sophia is how she translates her experiences and passions into her collections. This SS16, Sophia has also designed extremely beautiful shoes for babies and kids. She told me “I am a mother of a nice baby, and I need to buy her shoes. So, … I naturally included the shoes I’d love my baby to wear”.

The show was brilliant in many aspects, from the staging and atmosphere that was created to being able to mingle and chat freely with Sophia. There was super-sexy, cool music by a DJ and we were serenaded by the talented singer-songwriter Katy B.

For sure, Cinderella would have been addicted.

Photography: by @audreydlc






















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