PFW Couture: Georges Hobeika FW17/18

Photos provided by Georges Hobeika

Flamboyant and sophisticated, Georges Hobeika’s Fall-Winter 2017/18 Couture collection draws its vibrant energy from Andalusia’s ornamental traditions and its inspiration from the great architectural styles that have developed throughout the ages on the Iberian peninsula. It is an ode to the palaces designed by artistic genius, forever lled with gold and harmonies.

In sparkling reminiscence of Hispano-Moorish’s arts, this collection’s myriad of embroideries evokes the polychrome mosaics and geometric tesserae which embellished the majestic castles and forti ed enclosures of Granada, Cordoba, or Seville. Gleaming pendants, generous pleats, sumptuous fabrics and bold superimpositions are composed across sets of free lines, colored explosions and forests of evocative patterns. Inspired by both the botanical world and living nature, curves and counter-curves magnify the sensuality of voluptuous dresses, which are sometimes embellished with enchanting capes and graceful boleros worthy of the Flamenco‘s homeland.

Also recognizing the unique palatial temperance of religious monuments that represent the earliest Islamic architecture crafted as masterpieces of Mudéjar art, aerial lace and embroidery evoke the Moucharabieh’s arcades which allowed the illumination of interior alcazaba facades. The heat of the waning Granada summer is glori ed by bursts of solar color and shimmering cooler shades, while sparkling crystals sometimes seem to summon the snow-capped peaks of the Pyrenees. Exquisitely crafted bags and bright jewels exalt Georges Hobeika’s stylistic exploration with their oral and arabesque decorations worthy of the majestic Alhambra.

Shoes: Georges Hobeika
Accessories : Georges Hobeika
Hair : Laurent Philippon and team ( Callisté Paris) Make-up : Emmanuel Sammartino and team ( Callisté Paris) Manicure : Chrsitine Conrad and team ( Callisté Paris) Music : Mode-F
Casting : Corinne Liscia
Production : La Mode en Images

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