Danny de la Cruz @ VRAI Magazine

by Danny de la Cruz

Photos by Paul Lim of New York City Peoples for VRAI Magazine

He shoots. He Scores. Standing O for founder and designer Jace Lipstein!

When I look back at the collection that strutted down the runway at the Dream Downtown Hotel, I simply want it to magically appear in my walk-in closet at home. A mix of athleisure and casual looks for the day or weekend, to pieces consisting of sport coats and jackets perfect for a stylish night on the town, the collection embodied that extra boost of confident, yet uncomplicated, style every man deserves.

The collection wove in the “6 Stripe” and “Indiana University” design elements from past seasons. It was an overall more muted palette of grays and blacks with punches of vibrant hues of blue and yellow/gold elements to add a touch of brightness suitable for warmer months.

Another reason why I loved the collection is the confidence it gives men to mix and match the pieces without ever second guessing themselves and wondering if the combo works or not. And finally, I loved the fact that the runway was filled with men of various ages, physiques and styles to show that anyone can put on a pair of Grungy Gentleman clothing and feel good about themselves.

The only thing I’m not a fan of is the Indiana University element. Since it’s not my alma mater, why would I wear it? Otherwise, there were still plenty of other fantastic pieces and looks which need to appear in my closet right away! I’m especially eyeing that gray workout jacket with angled front zipper and 6 Stripe element above the elbow. When can I get that delivered?

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