Confessions of a Christmas Fanatic

Danny de la Cruz @ VRAI Magazine

by Danny de la Cruz

It’s a dangerous time of year for me. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, my decorating clock is ticking as I scramble to get the house ready for the holidays. My goal each year is to always have the house decked out for the holidays by the time Thanksgiving rolls around so that on the Friday after, the holiday lights come on and the decorations are ready to go. I can then move on and focus on the holiday gatherings and Christmas shopping in the weeks to come.

But in this endeavor, there’s a darker side to the decorating. I have to confess that I’m a Christmas Fanatic! There are varying degrees of this and I’ll leave it up to you to judge me at the end.

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It all started out so innocently. I got my first place and one of the first things I did was to buy an artificial Christmas tree. Nothing big, it was just 5′ tall but enough for my little space. With my next place, that’s where the red flags started to go up. I had a two story living area and because of this, I gave in to buying a 10′ tree which almost took up my entire living room because of the wide base of branches. I didn’t care — it looked amazing in the two story room all lit up and decorated. The original 5′ tree ended up moving to the lower level family room and became the repository for ornaments that didn’t fit in with my holiday decorating theme for the year.

Flash forward to another move to a loft space which was selected only because I knew that it would easily hold my 10′ tree. Yes, I told the realtor that I needed a space for my Christmas tree.

Finally, here I am today in my current home and the madness continued. Do you know the old saying that you fill up the space that you have? Well, that’s exactly what’s happened. This home has been overtaken with Christmas Trees. I don’t believe in just one tree. I like having a tree for each room and each room having its own distinctive look and feel. Oh and I forgot to mention that in the search for this home, the realtor was told about the 10′ tree. So here’s what I have to-date:

  • In the living room with the barrel-shaped ceiling, the 10′ tree sits.
  • In the dining room, another tree was purchased, this time white to give a different look and feel.
  • I wanted to add a tree to the foyer and so I scaled down and bought three table-top trees of varying heights to put on the foyer console table.
  • One year as part of the after-Christmas sales, I couldn’t pass up a deal to get two 6′ trees which were drastically reduced in price — I wanted to create a Christmas forest the following year which I did.
  • I still have my very first tree which goes up in the Master bedroom.
  • And, I have two even smaller table-top trees which get added to little nooks in the house.
  • One corner of the basement becomes the Christmas storage area with all the trees in their boxes and two giant shelving units filled with 24 giant, clear containers filled with ornaments grouped by color-scheme.

I don’t know what’s happened. How did I get here? Is there a group for Christmas fantastics that I can join? Am I really that bad or are there others out there just like me?

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I have to get back and put up more decorations!


  1. Love this Danny! Wanna see photos! Know it will be a winter wonderland xoxo ~ally

  2. Thank you Ally! Lots of work to do… 🙂

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