Confessions of a Christmas Fanatic: Part II

Danny de la Cruz @ VRAI Magazine

by Danny de la Cruz

My first Christmas Confession article was just the tip of the iceberg and as the holidays draw even closer, it’s time to reveal my even darker secret. I know that I can’t be the only one out there with these type of holiday tendencies so don’t be shy and let’s share amongst friends!

Decorating the tree should be a joyous occasion. Many across the country do so as a family and/or with friends in tree trimming parties. Oh, how I long for that scenario — maybe for a minute or two and then I snap out of it and ask myself, “who am I kidding?”.

Here’s a little background…

In my home, I have a philosophy that everything has its place. My house keys always go in the same spot when I get home so I’m never at a loss as to where they are. The toaster has it’s place on the counter and when it moves from usage (I won’t name names), there’s a little trigger inside me that has to put it right back in its spot. You get the idea. In reality, this Christmas confession isn’t just isolated to the holidays, but it’s really a life-long issue.

Back to my tree-trimming. Once I have the theme ironed out, it becomes a strategic attack on ornament placement and this continues with each tree. The spacing has to be right for each ornament, similar items can’t hang next to each other, color combinations have to blend or contrast… I can go on and on. The challenge occurs when someone else tries to help and ultimately, I end up moving the ornament to the better location and get called out later when they notice the ornament has been moved. Because of this, the word has spread about my obsessive-compulsive tree-trimming disorder. Even when I suggested throwing a tree trimming party one year, my own mother laughed. My own mother!?!

So in this household, tree-trimming and holiday decorating are completely under my control. And when I do ask for help (because believe it or not, I believe everyone should participate in the tree-trimming process by hanging at least one ornament), I specifically point out an area — notice I said “area” — where the ornament can be placed. This at least gives my helper a little flexibility in which branch to use. And as long as it’s within the designated area, I’m good and I don’t touch it again until it’s time to put the decorations away.

Yes, I know how this all sounds, but this is the burden and shame that I carry. Please tell me I’m not alone in this…





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