Chic-O-Ween: A DIY Cocktail Party


by Francesco Bilotto, Guest Contributor

This year, your Halloween doesn’t need to be the standard mix of black and orange Jack-o’-lanterns from the local big box store. It also doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

To challenge myself from doing just that, I decided to take inventory of the “skeletons in my closet” and use items I already had around the apartment to create a fun, chic and affordable Halloween gathering.

Lets start with décor:

“Chic-able Styling”


Part of my “chic-o-ween” was setting up a tablescape for guests to admire.

To create this look, I used a few staples I already had in my storage for other holiday purposes. I picked and chose items from a variety of seasonal decor I had on hand, including:

  • Silver trays I usually use at Christmas
  • A mercury garden ball from my terrace
  • Extra moss from my spring decor bin
  • Cloche jar that usually houses an object in the den

The mercury ball tied in nicely with the shiny metallic skull and cocktail shaker. The cloche was the perfect size for a white pumpkin, and the moss brought in a rustic feel.

“Devil is in the Details”

candle stripe

Take your standard white dinner table candles from simple to sublime with just some washi tape, or painting stripes with non-toxic craft paint.

Okay, décor –accomplished… now for some “BITES” to add a festive touch to your entertaining menu. Here are some EASY Chic-O-Ween Party Recipes:

“Crazy Pop”


What you’ll need:

  • Popcorn
  • Your favorite candy pieces, such as M&Ms or candy corn

Mix together and serve in your favorite serving bowls. It’s a delicious snack for adults and kids alike! I opted for some all-black serving ware for that chic touch.

“Pumpkin Patch Dip”

Pumpkin dip

What you’ll need:

  • Store-bought hummus
  • Pumpkin puree
  • Garlic salt ( to keep the Vampires away)
  • Black truffle oil

Mix a container of store-bought hummus with 2-3 tablespoons of canned pumpkin puree. Add a pinch of garlic salt, and stir together. Drizzle truffle oil on top.

Serve out of a martini glass for that extra dazzle, add tortilla chips on a tray, enjoy!

“Witch Tear Martini”


What you’ll need:

  • Equal parts of Jalapeno lime mixer (store-bought)
  • Vodka or gin

Give it a quick stir or shake, pour and serve with any garnish you wish – from cocktail onions to limes and even some olives!

Hope this inspired you to get creative this Halloween and host a few family and friends. Have a safe and happy CHIC-O-WEEN!



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