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by Francesco Bilotto

Ahhhh the 1980’s, a decade I personally loved, although I was a few years old at the time (ok, maybe like 10), certain “tubular” t.v. shows, songs and bold designs will forever be a part of our world, as we go “back to the future”.

While I have been sourcing items for upcoming projects here in New York City, I’ve been surprised to see that 80’s inspired home decor is popping up everywhere. So grab your stonewashed jeans and jelly bracelets and lets re-embrace a few “rad” trends…. (P.S. I was just kidding about the jeans).

80’s Inspired Tables

Well, these have really never gone away… CB2 has introduced these, a perfect way to update yet embrace the inner 80’s within. From cubes to nesting tables, multi-use items can impact and update any room in your home.

Colorful Cubes

Peekaboo Acrylic Nesting Tables -- VRAI Magazine

Peekaboo acrylic nesting tables set of three available at

Flame Stitch

Today we’re more likely to find this pattern placed onto accessories and less in cascading drapes, sofas and chairs… however, should you find a wonderful vintage piece upholstered in flame stitch next time you hit a yard sale, GRAB IT!

Flame stitch with other textiles like leather or faux fur can add drama and impact to any room (much like many soap operas in the late 80’s) in this case modern recreations of the “famed flame” can be found in most retailers nationwide.


Missoni Home flame stitch porcelain collection available at


Bargello Worth Avenue Pillow, available at


Another 80’s trend that’s back is brass. Today’s brass looks are antiqued or burnished, however, whereas 80’s brass was highly polished. Brass in the “right way” can slick up a room in seconds. My favorite that encompasses the geometry of the 80’s is this little number from west elm.


Origami side table available at


While in my opinion as a New Yorker, exuberant pop art is not really a trend but a way of life… glad to see that many more people are gravitating to colorful canvases to update traditional spaces and give that 80’s edge. But please remember…a little goes a Looooooong way!

SOLMYRA picture “ssshh” available at


Lanai furniture has made its way indoors these days. An updated approach to your inner “Golden Girl” is this look; wicker and bamboo furniture painted and re-imagined. A perfect example of function and form.


Safavieh Shenandoah black wicker chair ottoman available at

Hope you are inspired to add a little 80’s back in your home! For me…all this reminiscing about the 80’s, I need to find my Alf doll and totally veg out to my MTV. Later Gator!

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  1. A little 80s never hurts 😉 I love the shape & dimension of that West Elm table!!

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